3 reasons you should consider sex during menstruation

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What do you think of sex during your period?

Sex during your period is usually frowned at. Most people will not agree to have sex during your period because of some concerns.

But in recent years, feminists began a movement to demystify menstrual blood and to remove the age-long taboo and shame that surrounds menstruation.

If you do not think menstrual blood is disgusting, then sex during her period might be possible.

So, what are the pros?

1. Eases menstrual pain
Menstrual pain is the sometimes unfortunate consequence of being on your period. It has been proven that vaginal stimulation reduces cramps.

Sex releases endorphins plus the muscles of your uterus contracting provides some relief.

2. You have extra lubrication
Because of how wet the vagina is (as a result of blood), penetration is easier.

3. Sex is (more) enjoyable
For most women, the hormonal change from before their menstrual period (ovulation) and during their period can cause their libido to be heightened.

The cons
The mess
Blood everywhere, on your bedsheets and your partner. A very messy sight.

Fluids mixing together with each other is an invitation to sexually transmitted disease.

How to fix the mess?
1, Lay a towel or another cloth on the bed to prevent your bed sheet from becoming stained.

2, Have sex in the shower.

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