8 Ways People React When They See Workers Of Electricity Distribution Companies In Lagos

One of the most dislike profession after the police are workers of Electricity Distribution Companies.

‘No be our fault now’, it is the situation of the epileptic power supply in the country.

Don’t let us go international, within Africa, there are some countries enjoying 24 hours uninterrupted power supply.

Here in Nigeria, we are yet to celebrate 12 hours uninterrupted power supply in the whole country.

‘Them don say our light situation na spiritual matter. ‘

Little wonder why Nigerians react when they see workers from Electricity Distribution Companies.

Below are some of the ways we react;

1. We automatically put on an angry face when we see them with Ladder

Most Nigerians get angry when they see NEPA workers with a ladder.

Some people will be like ‘wetin una want?’ E be like say una won die today abi? 😡😡

2. Use of abusive language when they bring the bill

This always happens when they bring an expensive electricity bill.

Imagine, bringing 4000 naira as bill when there was hardly power for 7 days in a month.

Some Nigerians will be like ‘ wetin we dey use, abi una dey craze ni?’

‘How many times una give us light Electricity Disturbing Companies.’

3. We overreact when they mistakenly disconnect our power supply when we are not owing.

Woman spotted tying Juju to an Electric pole in Niger State

Haa, this one can lead to World War 3.

During this moment, you see some Nigerians screaming and shouting

‘I know owe una, Mr Makinde, come see them your people again o, I don pay bill since like last month.’

Then you see Mr Makinde also coming out with only singlet and anger on his face.

4. In some areas, they gang up to beat them.

This is also popular in some areas in Nigeria, especially if Distribution companies do not supply them with power.

Once they see the workers with ladder, they gang up and give them the beating of their lives.

5. We turn to bribery and corruption.

Should, I write that bribery and corruption is in the blood of an average Nigerian?

This act usually takes place in areas where the power supply is a little above average.

When they see distribution workers in these areas some people turn to bribing the workers.

6. We turn to beggars.

Some people owing like 3 months electricity bill will be like ‘ Oga, please don’t cut it, my husband said he will come to your office after work today.’

Trust the workers, they will not listen if you like beg from now till tomorrow.

To be a NEPA Staff, you must be extraordinarily wicked. Being wicked is one of the most important criteria they use in recruiting their staff 😂😂

7. Nonchalant Attitude

This is the funny kind of Nigerians when they see workers of NEPA with ladder, they will not do anything, they will be like ‘light kukuma nor dey since the last six months.’

God go dey give us money to dey buy Fuel 😂😂

8. They remind us it is the end of the month.

When some people see workers of NEPA they tend to remember that it is the end of the month.

They are like, ‘What are this people looking for, Akpors what’s today’s date?’

So Guys 👇

Which category do you fall into?

Drop your comments..

Aderonmu Abayomi popularly known by his stage name ” Basebaba ” who is the Nigerian Youngest Multi-Talented Pro Dj, Blogger, Songwriter, Web Designer, and He is the C.E.O & Founder Of Basebaba Global Media ( https://basebaba.com.ng )

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