Chromecast Turns Two And Celebrates With 90 Days Of Play Music All Access

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Believe it or not, it has already been two years since Google launched its rather quirky Chromecast TV stick. The small device has gone a long way since its humble classy screen casting days and developers are now finding recent and better ways to hold advantage of the HDMI stick.

To celebrate this second milestone Google offers a special promotion – 90 days of free Play Music all access. Chromecast users also had the chance to grab the very same offer last year, so it looks like Google is making the promotion an annual thing.

And if you still haven’t gotten around to getting a Chromecast, now might be the perfect time. The small stick goes for only $35, which is definitely a sweet deal when you consider the three months of Play Music. The promotion is valid for any Chromecast user recent or recent up until December 31, so you could even wait as long as the holiday season and acquire yourself a Christmas present.

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