Despite economic hardship, Nigerians spend N123.8m watching movies in one week

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Cinemas across the country recorded massive patronage from Nigerians in the first week of August.

According to data from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) moviegoers spent a total of N123.8 million in theaters throughout the nation between July 30 and August 8.

This represents a 0.73 percent increase from the N122.9 million spent in the opening week of July 2021 (2nd to 8th).

Also, the data provided shows that during the period under review Nigerian cinemas all over the country recorded an increase in attendance to 86,997 compared to 85,325 in July.

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This impressive figure comes at a time the country is still recovering from the Covid-19 and many Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet.

CEAN data shows that last weekend alone (August 6-8), cinemas racked in N48 million from 30,194 movie lovers.

Out of the number in attendance 9,804 showed interest in Nollywood movies while 20,381 were in the cinemas for foreign movies.

The film ‘Suicide Squad’ had the highest gross return of N14.4 million after being watched by 7,911 people.

While ‘Gone,’ a nollywood film, had the lowest interest with 43 in attendance and a total return of N60,000.

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