Saturday, October 16, 2021

Femi Micah – Reign In This Place

1) Love Is The Divine Covering that Transforms the Pauper to the Prince and from Prince to King & Priest……
Experience this transformation by Divine Love as you listen to the song.

2) By the finished works and Paid Price; Your Rulership is fully guaranteed for your Reigning in this Place….
#anticipate the new song release on Sunday, 3rd of June, 2018

3) Help is here for the Release of Your Rulership…..For a King is not saved by the multitude of Horses
By the instrumentality of Divine Help. You’re about to experience His Help to facilitate your Reign in this place….#anticipate as you download and share….

4) Every King has a Kingdom….where the domain of his Authority is Valid…that place is the Plan of God for humanity….

5) Divine Allocations are only available at Divine Locations on the Earth… That place is the Eternal plan of the Architect of the Universe and the Purpose of Your Creation…

Discover This place as you download #anticipate…Day…..

6) …the place of your Divine Rulership is Spiritual in nature…Worshipping the Divine Authority behind the humanity of the earth is the sure access to This Place

Reign in this place by engaging this energy…

download and share the link

7) Your Dynasty was sorted and sealed on the Cross by the Ultimate Sacred Sacrifice Of An Old Ancient Friend…
He laid left all He had and Laid them down for you and your Rulership…

He Finished it all and said to YOU!
“ Rule Thou in the midst of thine Enemies”

As You Submit Your Life to Him; You shall experience that Ultimate Dominion today!


8) …Indeed; Wisdom is Justified of Her Children in every Dimension…
But Wisdom Kings Rule and Princes Decree Justice…
In this Same Place; Your Dominion Shall Be fully established as you Worship the Wisdom Of God in Jesus…..

9) Victory is only guaranteed by the content and context of association available to you in the combats Of Destiny….
The Comforter is your Conquering Companion in these Contests…

Move from Contest to Conquests within your Contexts as you embrace The Comforter … Reign in this Place

Download this song to Converse deeper with the Comforter
# Anticipate

10) In This Life; your fellowship determines your followership and What “follows” you….

Your fellows & friends Determine your features, functions & final future….

You’re fixed or fallen by your fellowship and friends….

Greatness, Heights & Promotions are negatively sensitive to negative fellowship & friendship

Your dynasty is guaranteed only by Divine Fellowship & Followership First of All…

Since He that is from is above is above all…Fellowship with the Divinity as you download


11) Government & Governance is only by Grace and Glory

Since your source determines your sustenance on the earth……

The duration Of your dynasty is driven by the source of same….

Your enthronement shall only manifest by grace and glory as you embrace the mandate of the Heavenly Command over you!

Reign in This Place as you Download

Aderonmu Abayomi popularly known by his stage name ” Basebaba ” who is the Nigerian Youngest Multi-Talented Pro Dj, Blogger, Songwriter, Web Designer, and He is the C.E.O & Founder Of Basebaba Global Media ( )

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