Saturday, October 16, 2021

Forgiveness – Relationship Corner with Abayomi

Hey guys. How are y’all doing? It’s your favorite boy Abayomi and this is Relationship Corner, where talk about everything and anything affecting relationships.

Today, we will talk about Forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of hurt, pain and anger that a person caused you. It is, looking past the pain and the anguish, someone has caused you, and moving forward from it.

It is a very important ingredient in any kind of relationship. It helps the relationship to move on smoothly. It is no different when it comes romantic relationships, it is needed for the relationship to grow. Because, face it, there is no way, that your partner won’t hurt you. In little or huge ways, your partner will hurt you, he or she may refused to get you something he or she promised, your partner may lie to you, cheat on you, hide things from you and do so many hurt things to you, intentionally or unintentionally. If your partner is truly sorry about it, you have to forgive wholeheartedly. It is the only way, the relationship can move forward. Seasoned with forgetting it, your relationship will blossom as long as your partner doesn’t do it again or you don’t revenge.

Lack of forgiveness has ruined a lot of relationships, because one or both partners had refused to forgive.
When you don’t forgive your partner, you can’t move forward in your relationship. It leads to number of issues that can ruin your relationship. Some of these issues like

I. Lost of love – this will happen because you won’t be able to see beyond the mistakes your partner made, and slowly you will begin to lose interest in the relationship.

II. Anger – there will be residual anger which is not good for your emotional life and your psychological life. Which means excess baggage on you, because you will become bitter, and snappy which will drive everyone from you.

III. Frequent fights – Whenever anything related to the issue comes up, you will refer to the issue, and this may annoy your partner and it will lead to several fights. These fights if not controlled will break the relationships.

IV. It will probably to the end of the relationship, if you couldn’t let go of the anger.

So if you really love your partner and you want to be him or her for a long time, you have to learn to forgive your partner and forget the issue. Some times we have to forgive ourselves. When we hurt the ones we love, we may be broken or shattered, or sad, but we need to forgive ourselves so that we give our partner all of us without any part of us holding onto past mistakes.
Forgive is the word of today.

Thanks so much for reading, please don’t forget to comment and like. I remain your boy Abayomi and this Relationship corner

Aderonmu Abayomi popularly known by his stage name ” Basebaba ” who is the Nigerian Youngest Multi-Talented Pro Dj, Blogger, Songwriter, Web Designer, and He is the C.E.O & Founder Of Basebaba Global Media ( )

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