How Can I Break Up With Her She Is An Ingrate And A Pain In The Ass

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Good day readers,

I’m in a dilemma right now,

I have a girlfriend in which we have been dating for the past 2 years

I met her in July 2018 and asked her to be my girlfriend by December 2018 after I broke up with my ex just because my ex was so confused she doesn’t know what she wanted, and my ex was just 21 as at that time and this age group phase is what most guys here call that hoeing phase, so back to the story as I was narrating, so I met this girl we started our journey everything looks so perfect she was gentle, calm, obedient, respectful.

So when I saw all these qualities I felt God has compensated me with someone better than whom I left just because I had a good heart and good intentions towards my ex,

So the love story was interesting and sweet, I spoilt my girlfriend with gifts, money and surprises because I was happy I found love again, but I wasn’t too convinced she can be as sweet as she is making herself look,

So one day I called her and tell her that “baby is this really your attitude, or you are just pretending” she told me it’s her real attitude and that’s how her attitude is like that she is not pretending, I felt relaxed after hearing that.

Lo and behold after 6 months of relationship and after pretending for 6 months the beast in her surfaced and that is when we started having issues and what are the issues?

Issues like me promising to help her out with some funds but if I can’t make it up to her just because something else comes up she would flare up scream at me shout at me telling me I breach agreement and plans without even asking me for the reason why it happened.

This continues like this until I called her to come to see me, let’s hang out.

From which during the hang-out I asked her a question that do you really love me?

She said yes, then I went further u told her that the way you are doing it when it comes to money in this relationship you are making me feel like you don’t like me, but you are just after my money.

On hearing this she got mad and left my presence then I ran after her to meet her that she doesn’t have to do that, but she didn’t even mind me, and she went home in anger then that same day I started calling but she refused to pick my call and didn’t call me back so I made up my mind that if after 3rd day no call from her, I would end the relationship.

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