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How to get FREE 500GB of data, 500,000 airtime on Airtel network

Admin  |     April 5, 2021  |     0   |     12

By Abayomi

Following a loophole discovered on Airtel network, we are going to show you how to get 500GB of data and 500,000 airtime for free.

You can do this using the My Airtel App which we are going to show you as you keep reading this post below. The trick was allegedly discovered after the tech guy that launched the app left a bug in the app.

This is quite a straightforward cheat which implies it might be blocked at any time by ISP (Airtel Network Providers), so hurry now while it lasts. You can as well use it to get Airtel unlimited data and Airtel unlimited airtime.

How To Get Airtel Unlimited Data And Airtel Unlimited Airtime; step by step.

1. Download the “My Airtel App” from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to begin.

2. Open the app switch to the option recharge now.

3. Then select the option you want; either you want to buy airtime or data.

4. If you are going for data you select any amount of data you want.

5. Remember you won’t be charged for anything.

6. Select the plan and input your ATM card details.

7. Lastly you will be redirected to where you will get your ATM account verification done.

i. After you have been sent your OTP or when the OTP has been sent to your number.

ii. Cancel the transactions

Boom! You will be loaded or your account will be credited with the amount of data you purchase which you don’t pay for.

You can follow the same step to accumulate any amount of data you want, follow the same step to buy airtime too without paying a dime.

Note: this is a trick that might get reported to the ISP or they might discover it themselves, so, if it does not work for you it’s mean it has got blocked or they have discovered the bug and been fixed on their network.


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