Jamika entertainment launches programme to support young gifted artists

By Chinelo Obogo

Music label and entertainment management company, Jamika Entertainment has launched a programme  to help support young gifted artists and help showcase their talents.

The company’s head of operations, Stanley Ihensekhien, said the entertainment company which has existed since 2013 and has award-winning talents like Church of Men and the Jamika Force under them is looking to give a lifeline to the rough gems in the country that need a little bit of push to step into the limelight.

“This project we started is just our little way of giving back to the community we made our name in. Earlier this year, we had a competition to sign a new artist and that’s where we got Koredianx from but this time around we want to help more than just one artist.

“Koredianx is an Afrobeats crooner that won the Jamika Entertainment Audition contest before the pandemic reached the Nigerian shores and he has gone on to work with another of the company’s talented act, Sultan ‘Afroboy’ to release his first chart-topping single ‘JeJe’. This time around the company would not be signing any new talents but would be giving them the opportunity to record songs for free in their modern music studio and look also to train music producers in the art of making good sounds.

“Hopefully we can find three or four really talented acts that we will give this opportunity to make themselves better and in return continue to help the Nigeria entertainment industry to grow. In a country where many are suffering through the economic downturn mitigated by the pandemic, the offering by Jamika Entertainment to assist music talents is a kind initiative that needs to be embraced,” Stanley said.


First appeared on Sunnewsonline

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