LET’S TALK!! Should Prostitution Be Banned In Nigerian or Not? (See This)

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Prostitution is an occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

Couple of days ago, the executive governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike had during his New Year broadcast in Port Harcourt, banned nightclub activities including nighttime trading and street prostitution especially along Abacha road and surrounding streets particularly in the Casablanca area.

In response, “The Nigerian Sex Workers Association” (NSWA) described the governor’s order as a misplaced priority.

According to Wike, the move will “stop the harmful effects of these depraved activities on the moral development of the children and society at large.”

The governor further directed security agencies in the state to arrest and prosecute anyone attempting to violate the ban. He said a taskforce would be set up to this effect.

Is Prostitution Legalized In Nigeria?

Prostitution in Nigeria is illegal in all Northern States that practice Islamic penal code. In Southern Nigeria, the activities of pimps or madams, underage prostitution and the operation or ownership of brothels are penalized under sections 223, 224, and 225 of the Nigerian Criminal Code.

Negative Effects Of Prostitution

Prostitution is something that has been around for centuries, and for the past few years there has been a debate as to whether it should be legalized or not or banned rather.

No matter a person’s legal leanings, it is difficult to refute the fact that prostitution has negative effects on society. Across different cultures and continents, the destructive consequences of prostitution are similar whether prostitution is legal, tolerated, or illegal.

Prostitution contributes to the objectification of women: Just because someone pays does not erase the qualifications of what we consider sexual violence, domestic violence, and rape. However, people who pay for sex tend to think that what they do is acceptable.

Prostitution normalizes violence: Sexual violence and physical assault are the norm for women in prostitution. Studies states that 60% of women in prostitution gets physically assaulted.

Not only are side effects of prostitution tremendous upon the prostitutes themselves, but there are also tremendous effects of prostitution on society as well.

So my question is,

Should Prostitution Be Banned In Nigerian or Not?

In my opinion, YES it should be banned indefinitely. Though I do patronize them some time ago in the past, but hey it should be thrashed. Period!

What’s your take on this?

Should Prostitution Be Banned In Nigerian or Not?

Let’s hear from you.

Drop your comments below

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