Mona Gucci Exposed For Forcing A Young Guy To Date Her – [DETAILS]

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Sensational Ghanaian television presenter, Mona Gucci has been called out on social media by a blogger, Mari Gyata accusing her of trying to snatch a young man from his girlfriend.


According to Mari Gyata, Mona Gucci is forcing herself to have a romantic relationship with a man who is way younger than her but the gentleman keeps ignoring her because she is not his age mate.

Mari Gyata also claimed that the young man whose name he revealed as Teddy already has a girlfriend and does not like Mona Gucci and advised her to leave him alone and go and find her age mate.

She wrote: “As old as you are you will not look for your size. There is nothing wrong with dating a younger guy but this is a special case. Mona nnim paa se boy nu wo mpena nso abrewa togas se kyenkyinaa boy yi na op3. Leave Teddy for his girlfriend wai na they are age mates and go look for your size,”

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In other news, we have gathered that there is a new phone filter that allows one to use a filter to fake intimacy with a boyfriend who is non-existent and depict imagery in people’s heads that they have found love.

What this filter seeks to do is to create the belief that truly there is a man glued to her and get intimate with them to give the impression about their love life.

According to our source, the filter allows for a woman to kiss and cuddle with the fake man whose back is turned against the camera therefore the fake man’s face is not exposed for social media users to see that he is not real.


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