My Sister Has Gone Out Of Control, See What We Saw On Her Phone

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Good day everyone, I want to raise an issue that has been bothering me as a sibling, and also to my parents.

My sister who has just finished her SSCE exams has been engaged in indecent chats with various people on her phone, we were brought up under strict muslim parents, honestly they have done a good job parenting so far, for the fact that my mum knew something was fishy because she is always with her phone.

Her phone has been seized, since this happened yesterday she has refused to greet my parents or even assist in helping my mum cook and also refused to eat as well.

Both parents have tried the best they can to enlighten us about social media and how to moderately use it, but my sister wouldn’t care to listen, it’s as if she is possessed because it has happened more than once under my parents watch.

Kindly Suggest Ways To Treat This Matter Urgently.

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