Netizens Blast Da Baby For His Freestyle On Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ (VIDEO)

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Social media users have slammed American Rapper, Da Baby, for making a freestyle rap on the summer hit song, ‘Essence’ by Nigerian artistes Wizkid and Tems.

Wizkid, DaBaby and Tems
Da Baby dropped his freestyle video a while ago while heavily rapping on the beat of the song. Twitter users upon watching the video retorted immediately and expressed how inappropriate it was for the artiste to take such a step. Some ridiculed him for going off-beat several times and saying extremely unrelated things as compared to the original song. On the freestyle, he talked about how people are belittling his effort as a rapper and how relevant he is in the music industry, meanwhile, the main song talks about love and relationship.

Da Baby is already going through a tough phase on social media because of a comment he made about the LGBTQ+ community and HIV/AIDS people a while ago. His negative comments were made during one of his performances a few weeks ago. This made several organizers and concerts cancel him off the shows he was booked to perform, charging him with hate speech.


DaBaby just dropped a remix to “Essence” by Wizkid and

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) September 1, 2021


na God go punish Dababy for wetin him do.

— ay-dot. (@AyxMageek) September 1, 2021

Dababy just ruined my whole week with that essence freestyle dawg

— b. (@bensoned0) September 1, 2021

This is the equivalent of going somewhere uninvited

— Cheryl JACKIE B x ANGEL 🐆👼🏾 (@cheramaa) September 1, 2021

I don’t think a single human being on this planet heard the song Essence and thought “dababy should be on this”

— Xxocolatl stan (@puIaar) September 1, 2021

i want that Dababy essence freestyle gone by the time i wake up.

— a* (@meergottii) September 1, 2021

forget love, have you started legal proceedings against dababy for butchering essence?

— SP (@septimusajprime) September 1, 2021

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