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OPINION!! Akwa Ibom Job Seeker Death: What Took Her To The Rapist/Killer’s House?

Admin  |     May 3, 2021  |     0   |     150

May the soul of the dead rest in peace. AMEN.

But what took her to the guy’s house?

It could be recalled that late Miss Iniobong Umoren was lured by a 20-year-old job scammer and suspected serial rapist identified as Frank Akpan from Nung Ikot Obio, in Uruan local government area who later murdered her in cold blood.

Though, the suspect who buried his victim in a shallow grave in his father’s compound has been arrested by the police.

According to the suspect confession, he raped and killed her in his room, not uncompleted building or in the bush. So the question is, what took a job seeker to a supposed employment agent house?

He lured her, obviously. Like “Umoren follow me to my house that’s where the company office is or where the job interview is?” And she agreed? Nawao!

Someone you don’t know from Adam, on Facebook promised to give you a job, and you followed him to his house? The company no get office?


Now this is not about her anymore. NIGERIAN women at large, are too careless. I don’t blame them tho, I blame Desmond Elliot and Buhari for all these and it shall never be well with them for making life difficult for everyone here.

Y’all ladies should be careful. Be smart beyond social media rants, gossip insult and abuses. Women of these days are so daft asf..especially those born within 1994 upward. The world is wicked, be careful out there.

She only needed a job and now this.

Desmond Elliot it shall never be well with you and Buhari. No Job, no motorable roads, steady power and  supply, etc. How are we gonna survive?

May her soul and that of other citizens who died as a result of bad governance, keep resting in peace. AMEN

I drop pen here.


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