Tems Becomes The First African Female Artiste With The Most Monthly Listeners On Spotify

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Nigerian Singer, Tems has become the first African female artiste to rake in the most monthly listeners on Spotify.

Tems now has seven (7) million-plus monthly listeners on Spotify. She is also the African female artiste with the most listeners on the platform. Many people have attributed this milestone to her collaboration with Grammy award winner, Wizkid. This is mainly because of the popularity of their summer song ‘Essence’ which she got featured on. A few weeks ago, Tems debuted the No. 1 spot on Billboard Next Big Sound Chart just after ‘Essence’ entered the top ten US apple music chart and other internationally recognized charts.

Before her collaboration with Wizkid, Tems was quite known in the African space with her popular song ‘Try Me,’ however, ‘Essence’ raised her to a higher level. She is by far one of the most reserved female artistes in Nigeria. Some people have said that all she does is produce good music and mind her business.


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