Tinder relaunched the ‘work mode’ to find a partner during work hours, ready to go back to the office?

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“Going back to the office does not mean leaving Tinder aside,” said the dating app when announcing that the function of ‘work mode’ is back, which allows you to find potential partners from your computer without your boss noticing.

Now that the return to the offices is progressing little by little, the dating app Tinder decided to relaunch the ‘work mode’ . This allows you to search for a partner from your computer without anyone noticing.

Tinder’s ‘work mode’ was first launched in 2017, as an option to use the platform from a laptop or PC, with the option to hide the interface when other people approach.

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“Going back to the office does not mean leaving Tinder aside ,” the platform said in a statement.

How does Tinder’s ‘work mode’ work?
The new 2021 version of ‘work mode’ is very easy to use. Every time someone walks by your desk while you swipe , match or chat with your conquests, you just have to press the icon of a briefcase that is in the corner of the screen.

Tinder screenshot via .

This button changes the Tinder interface into a fake project management tool with the fake name of ‘Meeting Minute’ . Thus, it will appear that you are ‘very busy’ with work matters.

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But be careful about using Tinder in the office …
From the dating app they shared some recommendations to keep your dating habits secret . One of these tips is to block co-workers from finding them on Tinder .

Also note that the ‘work mode’ function cannot hide the Tinder interface from the monitoring software . That is, if your company installed programs to track the activity on computer equipment , they will eventually realize that you are doing a ‘match’ during business hours, especially if they can access your monitor remotely to see the screen in time. real. You don’t know how many people have lost their jobs for forgetting this detail.

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