Vector Tha Viper Gives Fresh Reaction To MI’s ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’

The Lafiaji born rapper, Vector Tha Viper has come out to state that his fellow rapper the industry, MI Abaga was being disrespectful to Nigerian rappers in his 2017 hit single, You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.
This reaction was recently made in his interview on Wednesday, the 29th of August with Do2tun and Kemismallz on CoolFM. When he was asked about his thoughts on MI’s You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives his records. The singer had stated that nobody should wash their dirty linen in public;

There’s no way you’ll say the truth and not sound funny because we’re in a society where nobody wants to hear the truth… you can call rappers wack, you can call them anything, but I’ll stand by it any day and anytime; don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Nobody should come and say that’s why South African rappers are killing Nigerian rappers. That is such a huge thing to say; that takes it to another level.

When asked if the above statement he’s against is a lie, Vector responded with;

That is a super lie. Whoever is saying that knows South African environment… we’re in SA, we’re giving them bars and the first I hear is where can I buy your music whereas the general public in Nigeria is saying how can I download your music? There’s a different conversation. The cab guy in South Africa wants to hear a bumpy beat and that’s because they’ve pushed it to make it (rap) acceptable. So what are you doing to fixing other rappers lives to make that a culture as it’s meant to be? Are you doing it because you want to make some noise or are you doing it because it’s the core thing you’re supposed to be doing? No offence, I don’t know what the moves are, but the only problem I had with that is you can’t say that’s why this region is killing this region… I don’t think that should be said, I think it is very disrespectful on a very next level but it’s the past and if you want to talk about that, do rappers need to fix up their lives? Baba anybody wey him life get comma make him fix am.

You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives by MI Abaga is a controversial song that calls all Nigerian rappers to get their acts together and be true to their craft in the rap business.
Watch the interview below;

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