Woman Who Killed Her Husband Says His Ghost Forced Her To Confess

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A Zimbabwean woman who killed her husband has complained that his ghost was haunting her.
Nancy Majonhi, a 42 year old woman who had killed her husband, Prosper Chipungare in South Africa has confessed to her crime because she said his ghost was haunting her.

The Zimbabwean who is currently being charged with murder had applied for bail, but her case was postponed to September 21st.

The murder had taken place in 2015 at Ledig, near Rustenburg, Northwest during an argument over money.

Majonhi had dumped her husband’s body parts in three different pit toilets after chopping them up.

She later went to the police station to report that her husband was missing after which she returned back to Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe she told everyone the same story.

In January 2021 she confessed to her family that she had killed her husband but they all thought she was insane.

Her brother known as Andrew had said when she told them what she had done and her husband spirit was haunting her they did not believe it.

He said: “She was battling to sleep for four years.

“This compelled her to first confess to her children, who are working in Cape Town, in December. Later that month, she travelled to Zimbabwe, where she told our mother about what she did.

“She said she killed Chipungare after they argued over money.

“Nancy claimed that she confronted Chipungare about his misuse of family finances. She became irate and killed him.

“She said her husband was forcing her to confess for killing him in order to find peace. We thought that she was mad because, in 2015, she lied to us, saying her husband was missing.

“Her revelation has shocked all of us back home and in South Africa. We then decided that we were going to take her back to South Africa to confess to the police for her wrongdoings,”

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